Youth Ministries

Holiday Club

When and where do we meet? About two months prior to Holiday Club taking place, which is the first week of the June and December school holidays, in Wesley Hall.

What time commitment is needed? Depends on how involved you would like to be. Teens wanting to be leaders need to commit to 2 hours a week for 6 weeks before the club, plus the club days and training sessions in the afternoons during the club. Other roles you could play are by being available to give a hand in making snacks for the kids, or raising funds.

Objective/Aim/Goal: Holiday Club’s purpose is to make Jesus Christ a visible, living, loving Father in the lives of the children in Heidelberg, opening our church twice a year to all the children in our town, and saying: “Come and learn about Jesus in a fun and loving environment.”

What we do: Holiday club is run by a group of adult volunteers and the teens of our church. We begin each club’s preparations about 6 weeks before the club begins. Meetings are held to decide on what the theme, songs and basic programmes will be for the upcoming club. Holiday Club runs for one week for our visiting children, but for the leaders there is a little more hard work involved. Leaders spend quite a lot of time in training and preparation for the event, painting, learning songs with the actions, preparing lessons from material provided, and basically having loads of fun getting to know each other. The programmes run from 8am – 1pm from the Monday to the Friday for the kids. Leader’s hours are a little different, from 7:30am-3pm daily. Each day the kids arrive for a day of planned events, where they play, sing, learn about Jesus and His love, and are given a snack and juice to keep up that energy. By dedication day on our first Holiday Club, 21 young children said the sinner’s prayer, and had given their hearts to Jesus. Praise and Glory to God.

Leader: Israel Dibate (Elder/Executive Member: Cherry Ross)
Location: Heidelberg Methodist Church Wesley Hall

Prayer (Youth)

Leader: Israel Dibate (Elder/Executive Member: Maggie Gage)
Location: Heidelberg Methodist Church

Sunday School

When and where do we meet? 09:00 – 11:00 Sundays in Wesley Hall

What time commitment is needed? Two hours on Sundays and time each day in prayer and preparation for the lesson.

Objective/Aim/Goal: Our goal is to teach children about God in a fun and friendly environment.

Recommended gifts: Faith.

What we do: Our classes are divided as follows: preschoolers, grades 1 – 3, grades 4 – 6 and grade 7 – (confirmation) - grade 10. We start with a time of singing, go into prayer, take collection, etc., then we break into classes. Each class has an assigned teacher. If anyone decides they would like to teach, unless they have been a Sunday school teacher before, they will be rotated through the different classes so they can see which class they enjoy the most. We also have a Sunday school picnic once a year in February and a Sunday school camp usually in October. There is also Sunday school training which the teachers can attend to improve their lessons.

Leader: Lorraine Jessop (Elder/Executive Member: Israel Dibate)
Location: Heidelberg Methodist Church Wesley Hall

Younger Youth

When do we meet? Friday evening from 18:00 – 20:00 (excluding school holidays) in Wesley Hall

What time commitment is needed? Being available from 16:00 on Friday to about 21:00 to plan the following week, as well as doing the youth for that evening. During the week any tasks which have been given to do need to be done so that the youth runs smoothly and is fun for the children as well as the leaders.

Objective/Aim/Goal: To entertain primary school children on a Friday evening in a safe and loving environment, and teach them that Jesus loves them and He is there for them.

Recommended gifts: Patience, a desire and yearning to work with young people.

What we do: Planning entertainment for primary school children between grade 3 and grade 7. We do different things with them every week, so they won’t get bored and will be entertained. We have themes: games, events, reality, activities, etc. We have planning meetings where each leader gives input and ideas, and then gets everything ready for the following week.

Leader: Israel Dibate (Elder/Executive Member: Maggie Gage)
Location: Heidelberg Methodist Church Wesley Hall