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Saturday was once again the second Saturday in the month and the walking ministry team arranged our second outing at Mondoro Game Lodge. As we all got up in the morning we were greeted with a cold and overcast day but the “faithfuls” still turned up for the walk. The day started with warm tea/coffee and then we moved off for the walk. What a great and inspiring time. To once again be reminded of God’s creation and to spend the time in the open with friends and family was great. The game also felt the cold and so we did not see as much as last time but always great to see buck and wildebeest roaming in the veld. As we arrived back at the lodge the first few drops of rain fell – as if God knew that we had arrived back and it was ok to rain. We were greeted to the smell of wors and hamburger patties on the braai and we all enjoyed the “brunch” with a warm coffee. Thanks again to Johnnie and Lillian from Mondoro Lodge for entertaining us at no cost – if you would like to have a break please consider going to stay there for a few days – well worth it and the food is GREAT.