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In following the lectionary readings for our Lenten journey I (Ray) was led to incorporate some “props” into our sermon “ARE YOU THIRSTY FOR TRUTH”. These props were inspired by a similar set of props I saw at Trinity Methodist in Springs (Rev Scott Manning). Symbolism of water being “life giving” is a theme we often meet when studying the New Testament and I felt that the congregation would benefit from taking a symbolic sip of the “living water” Jesus promised to the lady at the well. God moved in an awesome way and many folk spoke about their experience during the service. I have included some of the testimonies below NOT to take ANY credit myself but rather to give God ALL the credit for their experiences. The purpose of these testimonies is to help people understand that we serve a LIVING JESUS who is still alive TODAY and working in our lives.

I would like to tell you how blessed I was by Sunday’s service I feel that I am closer to Jesus than ever before, I just needed to have my eyes opened and that happened on Sunday morning. Thank you for being obedient to the Holy Spirit.

 I pray that there were more people blessed like I was.


What a Mighty God we serve and what a sermon! I nearly did not make it to church Sunday morning as I was trying to recover from a severe three day migraine. But I know now why I had to go! I am not that Samaritan women, I am only me. What blessings awaited me!!! God Your Living Water is all I need to quench this thirsting of my soul. Bread Of Heaven feed me till I want no more. After that symbolic mouthful of water from the little fountain, I am feeling better than I felt in weeks! Thank you Rev for leading us to that waters and blessing to you for this awesome, awesome sermon. And all the glory to the Living Waters of Heaven!!! I want more!!!


On Thursday 20/3/2014 I got up in the morning and the whole day was driven to go to church for the manna and Mercy course. Did not feel very well but had to go. While in church I could not speak because I had no voice, I had time to sit and talk to JESUS. After the course Rev Ray said not to miss Sunday service as it going to be awesome.  I knew then something will be happening.

 While in church on Sunday I could feel the Holy Spirit was present.  Rev Ray invited all to come forward and take a symbolic drink of the Holy Water, Rev. Ray was taking people out of the row and prayed for them. When I came past him he also prayed for me.

 I could feel the Holy Spirit working in me because I had this warm feeling going through my whole body. I felt my legs going lame. I tried to resist but finally gave over to the Holy Spirit and was lying down.  As I lied down not conscious of anything I could hear a voice saying over and over “Rest in GOD’S green pastures”.


Thank you for a  very meaningful sermon on Sunday 23rd of March 2014. As you know I have been through some very tough times of late and to me it felt as if this sermon was prepared with me in mind. If I may, I would like to give my reasons for the above statement as follows:-

During the last couple of months I have had dealings with all kinds of people, some were very helpful and others added to my grief and sorrow. That makes one very aware that the world out there can be pleasant but also very cruel. All too often we then start judging people according to worldly standards and you start living a worldly life so as to protect yourself against these hurtful events. Very much like the Samaritan woman, I started feeling like an outcast and somebody who no longer fitted into society. I felt lost at times and it was difficult to overcome the loneliness and it grew worse when one finds out that you can not always trust or rely some of the human beings around you.

It was during this very dark time in my life that I realised that one can only place your hope in Jesus, who is always there to comfort and protect you. It was then that I also found out that God is good, all the time and that my prayers were being heard and answered. Many a day after that I felt that I do not deserve God’s grace as I am but a mere mortal and a sinner.

Yesterday’s sermon was confirmation that we all do matter and that, if we believe and accept Jesus as our Saviour, He will take care of us no matter who we are. What was so good was to know that He will give us the living water, if we are prepared to acknowledge Him and worship God in spirit and truth and not be distracted by worldly standards.

That left me with new hope for the future and encouragement to continue serving a living God and to invite the Holy Spirit to come live in and stay with me.

To have had the symbol of the fountain and drink of the “living water” was a touching way to end the sermon. I know that we were pressed for time but it would have been good if I could have spent more time in quiet meditation at the fountain.

Thank you again for bringing the word to us in such a meaningful way. It is my prayer that many other people benefited as much as I did.

Yours in Christ,