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We held our first semester retreat on 22 February in Grace Hall at HMC. The Presiding Bishop has called for the MCSA to focus on DISCIPLESHIP for 2014 and at the Minister’s Retreat we were handed an introduction done by Rev Terry Howell and John Mitchley on this subject. Ray expanded on this and we looked at three signs from John’s Gospel, looking for guidance and challenges in our own discipleship walk. The day started by looking at our own lives and seeking where we as Christ Followers were struggling to come closer to God. Each participant focused on a T light lit from a “Christ Light”, asking God to reveal things in our lives that were keeping us from drawing close to Him. After that we handed the “struggles” over to Jesus and burnt them as a symbol of handing them over and not picking them up again. I believe that we all left the retreat feeling enthused to draw closer to God in our discipleship journey and encouraged to disciple more people in our own church, work place and home.