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After many years of struggling to get Rev Brian Smith’s diary to agree to our dates we finally had a camp with Brian as the leader. The 30 men came with an expectant heart and they were not disappointed. Brian spoke on the fact that the river flowing in Ezekiel 47 is NOT us flowing into the world but rather that the river is GOD and the river flows through us, changing our lives. The problem is that we clutter the river with “rocks” (our issues, addictions, hatred etc). on top of that we allow other people to clutter the river with rocks (eg jealousy, pride etc). the men were given time to think of their “life circle” and then also to name their rocks. This was done in private and the men found this very helpful. When they came back for the last session of the evening Brian shared that we cannot remove the rocks, only Jesus can do that. An invitation went out for the men to ask God to remove the rocks from their lives. Some men felt that they needed prayer and a time of ministry was given to these folk. After a long session, tears and joy the men felt free and renewed.

On the lighter side some folk went riding (dangerous sport with Wayne riding over a snake). Some men went for a walk and yet others spent time in the boats on the lake. Most men also took time to rest and reflect on their lives.

The food was great and fellowship even better.


The promise was that the men would return “free men”. From the testimonies shared and the reaction of the wives and family members God delivered on that promise.