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Wow…what a hike at J-Life!! The morning started as an overcast and slightly cold one, but the spirits were still high and the guys were ready for the adventure. We started off with a short message out of the bible (Isaiah 41:10) and thereafter the team was introduced to Kevin who was the guide for the day.

Off we went for the 6.4 km hike and at stages the rugged terrain tested our fitness levels, but there was never a dull moment as one of the hikers shoe came apart at the front J. As the day progressed the mist lifted and with that God’s beautiful creation truly revealed itself. Fun and laughter was the order for the day, and the guys were welcomed with a nice cold fruit icy as well as water at the finish line. A number of people took advantage of the offer to bring picnic baskets or braai’s and found a spot under a tree to enjoy nature at its best.

The following were the stats for the day:

Distance – 6.4 kms

Duration – 2hrs30mins

Calories – 230

Average speed – 2.6kph

Max speed – 5.7kph

Elevation gained – 233m

Elevation lost – 225m


Below are some of the pictures taken and if you weren’t there you missed out!! But there will be more opportunities…J