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Indawo received some sad and disturbing news at the end of June (but PLEASE read to the end of this article). The Department of Health (DOH) has decided to stop funding ALL NGOs (not just Indawo). This meant that overnight our Indawo staff compliment went from 60 to 8. The DOH also told us that they were going to advertise their new scheme where only 6 NGOs receive funding and they are to look after ALL the Care Workers in Gauteng. We have a good chance for being successful in this application as we are one of only 3 NGOs out of the 48 NGOs in Lesedi who used their funds correctly. The impact of having so many extra staff to look after is large but we will trust God (as we have in the past) to provide us with the staff and means to do this work.

With this in mind we decided to have a farewell braai to all our DOH staff.

Furthermore we started praying as we were very concerned for the wellbeing of the people who we were looking after (800 children and 450 adults) and also for the people who had worked for us for so long. The impact of this decision meant that some of our staff would actually lose their jobs.

PRAYER WORKS – on last Tuesday we received a call from DOH asking if we would be prepared to take everybody back under Indawo and continue to work with them as we had before. This is awesome news and we are currently in negotiations with the DOH to put this in place. We continue to pray that nothing goes wrong with this arrangement. We still do not know what is going to happen in the future but we trust God for guidance as we are doing this work in obedience to Him.