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HMC has two HOLIDAY CLUB events each year, they happen during the first week of the long school holidays (July and December). The HOLIDAY CLUB is there for ALL primary school children (they do not have to be members of HMC) and there is no cost involved for the parents. The children start arriving at 07h00 during the HOLIDAY CLUB week and they stay until 13h00. During the morning the children are entertained by the leaders who play arranged games with them and also give lessons based on Christian principles sharing the Good News with the children. The children are also treated to a light lunch at about 11h00. This year we again broke records by having 146 children attend the HOLIDAY CLUB on one day with the average being over 130 children per day.

As usual great fun was had by all with the highlights being the visit by the FIRE BRIGADE on the Thursday and the HOLIDAY CLUB CONCERT on the Friday evening. We are grateful to all who helped during HOLIDAY CLUB and also for all the donations received from businesses and individuals.

Our next HOLIDAY CLUB is from 30 June to 4 July 2014.