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Once a week on a Wednesday morning at Indawo we hand-out food parcels to the HIV infected/affected and the OVC on our data base.

This week however was just before our move to our new premises.  As usual the 80-120 people arrived, but this time they were blessed with the second hand clothing from our shop.  We unpacked the shelves and put the clothing outside for all to see, there they could “shop” to their hearts content. By doing this we were able to move with fewer things to carry and our clients were able to take home something extra.

On the Wednesday after our move, we were blessed to have a group of American students from a church in the USA visit.  They helped us with the food hand out and also got time to speak to the people one on one, to tell their stories and also evangelize to the people.  This was a first time visit to South Africa for all the students, and seeing the hardship and poverty that most of our people have to endure daily was shocking to them.

It was an honour to have them and I sincerely hope that they, in the near future would consider a 2nd visit and see the change in the people they have touched.