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On the 8th November 2014 the healing ministry team from HMC went to Randburg Methodist to facilitate a workshop on healing. This workshop is an extension of Rev Mike Endicott’s teachings on healing. Mike is from Wales and more information can be seen on their web by searching for “Jacobs Well”. The 10 strong team was excited to once again share in a workshop glorifying God as our living Jesus once again healed many.

The workshop started at 09h00 with Ray leading the teaching into the practical aspects of Biblical healing. While healing in today’s world is real and happening many people are afraid of starting the ministry and the workshop is designed to help folk understand healing and see that it is our Jesus who heals and not the people. The people are the vessel – and Jesus is the healer. The morning sessions were welcomed by the folk from Randburg Methodist and a few other churches. The blessing of hearing Louise’s testimony was a highlight for many as they heard from someone who shared her story of being healed by Jesus.

A light lunch was enjoyed by all and more folk joined us for the afternoon healing service. What a blessing for all the team as we prayed for many people. It is an amazing experience to see how Jesus heals the people and how they walk away knowing that the living Jesus has touched them.

If you would like Ray to come to your church (anywhere in the world) please do not hesitate to contact him on to enquire as to how a Healing Workshop can be arranged at your church.