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Our annual family breakfast was once again held on Bobby Koller’s farm just outside Frankfort. Marking the end of the corporate fast (started on 1 January 2015) HMC was invited to attend the breakfast for a time of fellowship and a message from two guest speakers. 43 people attended the event and great fun was had by all. The constant chatting, smiles and laughter was heart-warming and as we reflect on the time together we are reminded that this is the “church” described in Acts 2. Our guest speakers Marcel and Hanley are both medical doctors and brought an honest testimony of their lives revolving around the need of forgiveness towards ourselves and others – this fell in line with the new 4 week sermon series started on 18 January 2015 focussing on FORGIVENESS. The breakfast was great with everybody helping in the preparation and then enjoying the result of the hard work around the skottles and food tables. If you were not there – you missed a great time of fellowship, Christian love and a great meal. If you were there I am sure you enjoyed the time tremendously. Thanks to all for their help and a special thanks to Marcel and Hanley for their honest and open testimony. See you all next year on Saturday 16 January 2016 (you cannot say you did not have advanced warning).