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“The congregation of HMC was invited to our annual FAMILY BREAKFAST held on Bobby’s farm. This year we were blessed to be able to go to Bobby’s new farm and all who went had a great time. First off we say happy birthday to Bobby as he celebrated his 60th – we praise God for all that Bobby has done in the community in these 60 wonderful blessed years. We then sung a few hymns led by Hettie on the organ and with Adele’s beautiful strong voice. We were then given a message of HOPE by Tony as he shared how God had answered his prayers in times of need. The message also brought across that it is good to join together in prayer, no matter what others think or say. After this fantastic message the fellowship started around the braais and as some folk cooked the breakfast (Master Chef has NOTHING on our chefs) and some folk prepared the salad/fruit table. The meal was enjoyed by all and those who were fasting broke their fast with a great home cooked breakfast.


Those who missed out really missed a great day together and we hope that all will attend next year.”