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HMC was taken on a journey of 4 weeks on our Spiritual Gifts and then on a two week journey on the Fruit of the Spirit. These “journeys” lead into our Easter Week with Palm Sunday bringing an interesting challenge to us all: the donkey carried Jesus into Jerusalem (and he did a good job of it) but we are now carrying Jesus into the world – how are we doing? The Easter services was again a blessing to us all as God journeyed with us to the cross. The communion service was enjoyed and many found new meaning to communion and enjoyed being able to share the elements with their friends and family. The foot-washing service was well attended and was seen by many from a different perspective and understanding. We went back to the “traditional” HMC Tenebrae service which was emotional for us all but brought us back to understanding what Jesus has done for us. Good Friday services were well attended and an interesting journey looking at the items of the cross was enjoyed by just over 50 folk. Sunday sunrise service was as always a blessing to us all. The inclusion of the Mall when looking over Heidelberg was very evident. The Easter Sunday services rounded off the joy of Easter and folk then enjoyed the chat at the “fish” braai on Monday morning. We thank God for His presence and blessing at this time.