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HMC has been called by God to be a catalyst into the greater Heidelberg and in answering this call we have established our outreach INDAWO YOSIZO. Indawo is a NON PROFIT COMPANY and we are also registered as a PBO so that companies/people who donate to Indawo can get an 18A Tax Certificate that can be used to reduce tax payments and also to get BEE POINTS. HMC tithes each month into the community and it was decided to use some of this money to buy blankets. HMC purchased 200 blankets and decided to give them out to the families that come to Indawo each Wednesday and receive food parcels to help these family members survive. At the moment we give out between 120-150 food parcels each week (and we also supply at least 60 sit down meals every two weeks for the homeless folk living on the street – these folk can also take a shower and have their clothes washed). If you can help with food or clothes (or financially) please contact our Indawo manager Marnette Eva on 016 341 3338