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It’s November, can you believe it!

We’ve had a special few weeks, sharing these new songs of ours. During the build up to the album release, as we recorded the tracks and got to know the songs, we knew that they were going to have an impact.

But the response has just blown us away!

On October 12 we headed out to Heidelberg Methodist, to play the new songs at both morning services. We have good memories of Heidelberg, from sleeping over at a wonderful guest house, to Rev Ray Goddess’s powerful and passionate prayers, to Good Friday morning earlier in the year. So we were looking forward to being back.

Well, the place rocked. From the opening guitar riff of “Holy Party”, to the closing rock n roller “Walking With the King”, the people of HMC rocked it. By the end, there were people everywhere, as the whole church actually started “walking” in a big circle around the church. Awesome.


During “My Poor Heart” the crowd even starting helping us with the doo wop vocals, and some pretty nifty dance moves came out. But most moving for us was the response to “Nothing Too Big”. Ray had spoken at the beginning about a young girl, 4 years old, who had been attacked by a dog and was needing funds for an operation. He told how she spoke of meeting Jesus and Him telling her she was going to be alright. And so we dedicated the song to her, and sang:

“There is nothing too big for my God

No mountain’s too high with my God

No road is too long because of my Jesus”

… and the congregation just rose up and sang every word with us. It was such a powerful statement of their faith and trust in God. What a sacred moment.