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HMC heard the call of Conference to help with the upkeep of the 32 Methodist schools in Swaziland. At the end of 2013 HMC went on its first Mission Trip into Swaziland. The idea was to go and help one of the 32 Methodist owned schools. We chose the Madulini Primary School and spent a week in Swaziland renovating three class rooms and replacing just under 100 window panes. The idea was not only to “do the work” but also to empower the youth in that area to become involved and help with the project. With this in mind we purchased R10 000-00 worth of school desks and chairs and supplied tins of roof paint for the school. The project was a great success and the youth were enthusiastic to help in painting the roof of the school. The photos show the desks and chairs in the newly painted classrooms. Thanks to all who helped with the project, albeit personally or financially. A special word of thanks for the R10 000-00 donation received from St Peter’s United Church in Secunda – the chairs and desks look great.