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When and where do we meet? Sundays – 7:30am, 09:00am and 17:30pm in the church

What time commitment is needed? If there are enough people to share the work, the time commitment will be less. With enough volunteers it should only be one service every 2 – 3 weeks. If you have committed to this ministry it is important that you are there for your shift, arriving at least half an hour before the service and stay both services.

Objective/Aim/Goal: The aim of any sound operator is to strive for clarity with minimal distortion, to operate the sound desk for the duration of the service. We are living in a world of technology. Used correctly, and managed competently, audio and video technologies can be a great tool in the hands of the church, allowing them to communicate with their community in a powerful and contemporary manner.

Recommended gifts: An interest and knowledge of sound equipment, but training will be given.

What we do: Switch on and set up the sound desk. Plug microphones in if they are needed. Make sure the sound is right. Put music on before the service if there is no-one playing instruments. Mute, un-mute relevant microphones during the service. Make sure the Minister is set up with headphones. In our modern era, electronic aids are available to enhance the praise and worship of the local body of Christ.

Leader: Neil Gage (Elder/Executive Member: Israel Dibate)
Location: Heidelberg Methodist Church