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When and where do we meet? As you are free at Indawo Yosizo.

What time commitment is needed? There is no definite time required, so you can decide how many hours per week you can invest in the ministry.

Objective/Aim/Goal: To sell clothes etc. to improve the income so that we can help more people who need assistance with food etc.

Recommended gifts: Neatness, order and communication.

What we do: Clothes are donated and delivered to Indawo Yosizo. We sort them out into the various items, pack and wash (if necessary) the clothes. We make sure that the shelves stay tidy when people are looking for clothes and advise them what suits them if we are there at the time. Sometimes we may go to the pensioner’s day at Shalimar Ridge to sell extra clothes.

Leader: Cherry Ross (Elder/Executive Member: Kirsten McIntyre)
Location: Indawo Yosizo