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When do we meet? Up to now there is no need to meet

What time commitment is needed? Approximately 5 hours for each new members breakfast and an hour a month to follow up on new members.

Objective/Aim/Goal: To give new members a memorable introduction into the church, and to give them information on the workings of the church and the ministries that are available in the church.

Recommended gifts: Administration, creativity, enjoy meeting new people and entertaining.

What we do: We arrange the food for the breakfast, ensure that the hall is correctly set up and that it looks inviting. To arrange that the leaders of a few ministries attend the breakfast to talk about their ministries, to welcome new members into the church and to maintain a relationship with them. The new members’ breakfast is also for long-standing members who would like to recommit to HMC.

Leader: Karen Whittal (Elder/Executive Member: Willie Meyer)
Location: Heidelberg Methodist Church