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When do we meet? 6 – 8 weeks before any occasion and once a week until the events occur.

Where do we meet? Usually the first meeting will be at Wesley Hall. Thereafter the meeting will be held at a convenient place for everyone.

What time commitment is needed? Because it is not an ongoing ministry, there will be times when no time commitment is required. During the planning of events, meetings will be held once a week for approximately 2-3 hours, but each meeting will be arranged at a convenient time for all.

Objective/Aim/Goal: To plan and arrange the décor in the church for special occasions e.g. Easter, Pentecost, Palm Sunday, Christmas, etc.

Recommended gifts: Creativity, crafts, flower arranging, etc.

What we do: We plan the décor, flower arrangements and gifts, etc. for special events in the Christian calendar. About two months before an event, e.g. Christmas. The minister will request anyone interested in helping with the decorations to have a meeting and will give guidelines of what he wants for the occasion. From there further meetings will be arranged, ideas will be pooled, until a plan is formulated and a framework has been put together as to what is needed for the décor etc. Each person will get tasks to do in accordance with their talents. At the next meeting everyone will report back and further arrangements will be made. Just before the occasion, the church will be decorated and after the service everything will be tidied up and put away.

Leader: Cherry Ross (Elder/Executive Member: Suren Reddy)
Location: Heidelberg Methodist Church Wesley Hall