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When and where do we meet? When needed

What time commitment is needed? Currently this ministry does not run on a weekly basis. If and when there is a function which we would like to enhance or exenterate the message we will get together and start practicing.

Objective/Aim/Goal: To worship God through dance and drama.

Recommended gifts: Creative expression and a love for dancing and praising God.

What we do: We are going to learn a variety of Christian dances, e.g. Messianic for the young at heart, or the “physically challenged”, drama and mime, hip hop for the energetic, flag worship for everyone including men, the youth dance on Fridays to get younger youth going and we teach the dance steps to the children at Holiday Club.
Please speak to Cherry if you are interested in this ministry.

Leader: Mariechen Jansen V Vuuren (Elder/Executive Member: Cherry Ross)
Location: Heidelberg Methodist Church