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When and where do we meet? The first Sunday of every month. Occasionally for other occasions e.g. Easter, Christmas, etc., meet in the church.

What time commitment is needed? As with most ministries, the more people there are to help, the less each person has to do. It does not take a large portion of time to prepare the communion table. It is however important that if you are on duty you arrive early to prepare the elements and arrange for everything to be cleared away.

Objective/Aim/Goal: To set the Communion table

Recommended gifts: If one of your gifts is helping, this is a ministry for you

What we do:

  • The bread is cut into blocks, and can be prepared at home the previous evening and stored in an airtight container.
  • You must be at the church by 7:15 on Communion Sunday and can leave when everything is tidy and cleared away. The tablecloth and net must also be taken away to be washed, but can only be collected after the evening service or during the following week as the youth also have Communion on the first Sunday.
  • Put the special tablecloth on the table. Fill the Communion cups and chalice with grape juice.
  • Divide the cut bread between two special plates that are in the cupboard under the banners in the alcove.
  • Bring three round bread rolls, one for each service, and put them on the table with the bread.
  • Cover the bread plates with cling wrap. Cover all the elements with the net provided.
  • After the first service the Communion cups must be washed and refilled, the cling wrap must be put back onto the bread and the table made ready for the second service.
  • After the second service the table can be prepared again for approximately 35 people as the youth also take communion. The rest of the communion glasses can be washed and put away.
  • The remaining bread must be disposed of reverently, so it can be eaten. There are usually some hungry people after church and they will eat it. (It cannot just be thrown away, as it has been blessed).
  • The net covers the elements until the evening service.

Leader: Bernard and Trudy Kelfkens (Elder/Executive Member: Suren Reddy)
Location: Heidelberg Methodist Church