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When and where do we meet? Four times a year after each service at the church.

What time commitment is needed? Four weekends a year.

Objective/Aim/Goal: To provide books, CDs and DVDs as well as jewellery, stickers, Bible covers, pens, pencils, bookmarkers, calendars, gifts for members of the congregation. We buy books etc. for our library with the profit so we can have useful references at church permanently.

Recommended gifts: Discernment — because we try to choose items with people in mind, a joyful spirit, a love of music and reading.

What we do: We go to Zoe's Christian bookshop in Boksburg and choose a whole lot of material and resources for people to learn from. Bring them to the church services on Sunday to sell and the profit money buys books or DVDs for the church library.

Leader: Yolandi Page (Elder/Executive Member: Maggie Gage)
Location: Heidelberg Methodist Church