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When do we meet? Sunday the 4th July at 17:30 till Sunday 29th August with the Holy Spirit weekend from Friday the 3rd September — Sunday the 5th September
Where do we meet? Wesley Hall
What time commitment is needed? Other than the time of the course from 17:30 to about 20:00 (this includes a light meal at 17:30) there is no specific time required.

Objective/Aim/Goal: It is generally the desire of all Christians to get to know Jesus better and to walk a journey that draws us closer to God. This is exactly the aim of the Alpha Course.

Recommended gifts: Teaching

What we do: We start the evening with a meal (no charge to the participants) and then watch a DVD presented by Nicky Gumble. We then break into groups and discuss the content of the DVD and ask relevant questions.

Who should attend: All Christians should consider attending the Alpha Course. For the new Christian this is an ideal opportunity to get to know Jesus and to discover who Jesus is. For the mature Christian this is the ideal opportunity to remember and rediscover the roots of our Christian Faith in an environment that is nonthreatening and a place where many questions can be asked and answered.

Leader: Willie Meyer (Elder/Executive Member: Richard Gage)
Location: Heidelberg Methodist Church Wesley Hall