There is Hope

The world is full of pain, heart sore, emotional blow-up and sadness but each day that we wake up we have a choice to live in the sadness of the world or live in joy. We have a choice right at the beginning of each day to choose happiness or sadness.

 I can hear many of you shouting out: “IT IS EASY FOR YOU TO SAY BUT YOU DO NOT KNOW MY SITUATION”. Well you are 100% right – I do not know YOUR situation but then again you do not know MY situation and I choose to have joy in my life. Even with the many frustrations, worries and bad situations that happen in my life I still choose joy. The fact is that there are always people whose situation is worse than yours and there are always people who would do anything to have YOUR day to day problems above theirs because their situation is worse than yours (in their minds anyway).

Not a week goes by that I do not deal with a few people who are suffering from the loss of a loved one, have been abused (verbally, physically or sexually), have suffered trauma in their life (theft, hijacking, divorce, loss of employment, companies going bankrupt and closing their doors or are struggling with addiction problems (lust, pornography, drugs or alcohol) – the list goes on and on). BUT THERE IS STILL HOPE IN LIFE.

You may be asking: WHERE DOES THIS HOPE COME FROM. I do not know where your hope comes from but I know where my hope comes from and I would like to share just a bit about that hope.

For most people hope is just a dream – a dream based on worldly facts and advice from friends and social media/pressure. Now I am not saying that all this is wrong but what I am saying is that this hope is based on human judgement and advice. My hope and strength comes from a living source – Jesus Christ.

Jesus is real and alive today. One cannot deny this when you hear of a person who is diagnosed with lung cancer and given 4 months to live and they come for prayer and we ask Jesus to heal her and three years later she is still cancer free and glorifying the LIVING Jesus Christ for her healing (you can meet her at HMC). Please do not get me wrong, by believing in Jesus does NOT mean that all will be well and life will be a walk in the park. What is does mean is that the challenges that life throws at us will be handled much easier because of our relationship with Jesus who guides us and gives us strength to overcome these obstacles. I am reminded at this point of the many folk who have lost their fight against cancer but in knowing Jesus they were always at peace and knew that when their time on earth came to an end that they would be with Jesus – for eternity.

Do you want help with your life right now? Do you need help to overcome some or other negativity in your life? Give God three months of your life by asking God to forgive your sins and accepting Jesus as your Saviour and then allowing God to work in your life and help you through your difficult time. If you decide to make this choice then please make contact with a church that can help you grow into the person that God has designed you to be (it is a Biblical fact in Acts 2 that we need to go to church and mix with fellow Christ Followers – TV church is not what the Acts 2 church has in mind). Heidelberg Methodist will not judge you but love you and care for you. If you are in our area you are welcome to come and visit and have a chat (please make a point of introducing yourself to me – Rev Ray Goddess) – life is all about Jesus and through Him we will overcome the hardships in life, find peace and joy and have eternal life.