Cell Groups

To find out more about one of our cell groups, click on one of the links below:

Tuesday 10h00 (HMC Wesley Hall)

Leader: Pam Abrahamse
Leader Phone: 0824133432
Location: Heidelberg Methodist Church Wesley Hall

Tuesday 11h00 (HMC Office)

Leader: Ray Goddess
Leader Phone: 0826563123
Location: Heidelberg Methodist Church

Wednesday 18h30 (46 A Viljoen Street) YOUTH CELL

Leader: Israel Dibate
Leader Phone: 0738900783
Location: 46A Viljoen Street, Heidelberg

Wednesday 19h00 (41 Bendor Ave)

Leader: Willie Meyer
Leader Phone: 0713636353
Location: 41 Bendor Ave, 2 Palm de Amo, Overkruin

Wednesday 19h15 (Location changes weekly)

Leader: Annatjie Schutte
Leader Phone: 0826806375
Location: Location Changes Weekly)

Thursday 10h00 (128 Walker Str)

Leader: Glenys van Zyl
Leader Phone: 0163413172
Location: 128 Walker Str, Rensburg

Thursday 19h00 (96 Marais Str)

Leader: Ian and Yolandi Page
Leader Phone: 0825627079
Location: 96 Marais Street, Heidelberg

Thursday 19h00 (29 Gemsbok Str)

Leader: Phillip Jessop
Leader Phone: 0824535347
Location: 29 Gemsbok Str, Heidelberg

Thursday 19h00 (129 Begeman Str)

Leader: Bobby and Hettie Koller
Leader Phone: 0823331865
Location: 129 Begeman Street, Heidelberg

Thursday 19h00 (7 Malva Park, 8 Malva Drive)

Leader: Bernard Kelfkens
Leader Phone: 0828593011
Location: 7 Malva Park, 8 Malva Drive, Bergsig

Thursday 19h30 (46A Viljoen Str) YOUNG ADULTS CELL

Leader: Israel Dibate
Leader Phone: 0738900783
Location: 43A Viljoen Str, Heidelberg