2019-01-27 The Blessed Life – Session 3 – The Principle of First

January 30, 2019


When we looked last week at the reading from Malachi 3, we had to see three very important things. In the first place, we serve a God who does not change. Secondly we received the command or instruction from God to bring the whole tithe to the store house and thirdly, on this instruction we received, followed an invitation and encouragement to “Test God in this”.

To do this, it is really very important that we know and understand why we would do this and where it is coming from. Some of this we touched on in the previous sessions, but the understanding lies in the understanding of the theme of today “Principles of First: bringing us with our reading from Exodus.

Bible References

  • Exodus 13:1 - 2
  • Exodus 13:12 - 13