2019-01-06 They Saw, They followed, They Worshiped

January 10, 2019


As we start a New Year we all approach it with the reality of what lies behind us and with expectations for what might be before us. Do we really want to repeat the realty of 2018 or do we prefer having a different experience and a different story to tell? That will depend on what we do. We all want different results in some or other way or area of our lives, but surely we cannot expect different results if we just continue on in the same way. It is a fact that old habits die hard but it is not impossible if we put our mind to it and change our focus. That will move us away from the life that sounds like this: Reading: Psalm 80:1-12 & 17-19 The life where there is a constant cry to God for help and change of our situations and desperations.

Bible References

  • Psalm 80:1 - 7
  • Psalm 80:17 - 19
  • Matthew 2:1 - 12