2018-10-28 Sight and Insight

October 31, 2018


Along our journey with Job over the last few weeks we acknowledge that a lot of the reason and purpose of humans suffering remains a mystery and it does not matter how many possibilities of explanations we consider, we will never really be able to put the finger on just one answer or explanation. What we do come away with is the fact that we are never alone in those times of suffering because God is right there in step with our every move. In the case of Job, the suffering started because of God’s faith in Job as an upright, faithful and loyal person. And then last week we realized that life is not about any of us here on earth but it is actually a time of preparation to be ready for the life to come in the presence of God for eternity.

Bible References

  • Job 42:1 - 6
  • Mark 10:46 - 52