2018-05-13 Hindrance & Stumbling blocks to True Worship

May 16, 2018


Last Sunday we looked at the topic True Worship as the first input in our series. In looking at the results of different surveys we came to the clear understanding that it is possible to not know what worship is, even for the regular church attender. Believers even misunderstand what is expected in worship. This is partly why there is also seldom the witness of a real worship experience or God encounter. This could be the main reason believers are un-able to explain what it is. We agreed that worship per say is not singing but part of a service where singing, prayer; scripture and the gathering of believers could contribute to worship or a true worship experience.

And as we saw from the meaning of the word worship in the original Greek, it is “to kiss toward”. Then Worship is not receiving something but giving honor and praise to God.

Bible References

  • Psalm 86:1 - 15