2018-04-29 Love . . . . so different!

May 3, 2018


John, author and apostle with wisdom and insight. In the book “The Epistle of John” by John Scott, he shares the delightful story told by the old church father Jerome. He said that when the apostle John was in his extreme old age and so weak that he had to be carried into the church, he would be helped to his feet at the end of the meeting for a view words of encouragement and every time he would repeat, “Little children, let us love one another.” The disciples got tired of the same words every time and asked him why he always said the same thing over and over. With confidence he said, “Because it is the Lord’s commandment, and if this is done, it is enough.” We know this to be true!

Bible References

  • 1 John 4:7 - 21