November 21, 2017


Can you remember when you were young and looked up with admiration at your Mom and Dad, wanting to be able to do all that they were doing? And then can you remember the day that your Mom or Dad felt that you were now old enough to help with a project. That was a very special day because on that day your Mom or Dad felt that you were significant enough to help do a job that before you were not allowed to do.

I believe that as Christ Followers we experience the same feelings of joy when God calls us to do His work. I also believe that one of the mistakes we make is that we decide that we are not capable of doing His work when God KNOWS that you are capable because He is going to help.

Let me give you an illustration. Your Dad needs to change the wheel of the car and he has asked you to help him. You need to loosen the wheel nut, but you are not strong enough. Your Dad does not chase you away but rather puts his hand on the spanner and with his help you are able to loosen the nut. That is exactly how God works. He will help you where you struggle – after all, He gave you the task in the first place and He knows exactly what you are capable of (even though we may think otherwise).

The sermon title today is “I AM SIGNIFICANT ENOUGH TO BE GOD’S CO-WORKER”.


Bible References

  • 2 Corinthians 6:1 - 13