2017-07-23 Life Is Too Much For Me To Handle

July 24, 2017


Today’s sermon and subject is one that I think all of us need to hear. This is not only a message of how to go out and invite people into God’s church. It is also a message to help long standing mature Christians.

Is there anyone here who has absolutely NO baggage, pain or brokenness in their lives? You see I believe that most of us have some or other issues but at the same time I know that many people in the “messy world” are also struggling with brokenness and quite often they feel that they cannot come to church in fear of being embarrassed because of their brokenness.

So let us look at the BROKENNESS in the world and in God’s church and see what we can learn. This is a message of hope – because I believe that there is only ONE way to get our brokenness healed and that is through Jesus. Our sermon title is “LIFE IS TOO MUCH FOR ME TO HANDLE”.

Bible References

  • Psalm 34:17 - 18
  • John 16:33