Prayer and Intercession

Healing Ministry

When and where do we meet? Wednesdays at 16:30 in the Church

What time commitment is needed? Varies

What we do: Congregants with a passion to pray are welcome to come and be part of the service by praying during the service.
We try to have at least two healing services during the year as part of the 09:30 service.
Jesus has healed literally hundreds of people in the last 30 months and those who would like to become active in praying for the sick can contact Ray.

Leader: Ray Goddess (Elder/Executive Member: Maggie Gage)
Location: Heidelberg Methodist Church


When do we meet? Sundays at 7:30am in the Vestry

What time commitment is needed? One hour.

Objective/Aim/Goal: Monday morning is prayer of Intercession specifically for Heidelberg, our schools, hospitals, etc. Sundays are for the church, the services, ministries, members of the congregations, etc. We are led by the Holy Sprit.

Recommended gifts: Faith, compassion, love, mercy and hope.

What we do: We sit in a group quietly and pray one by one as the Holy Spirit leads us. It is not compulsory to pray aloud but we encourage it for spiritual growth and also so that we can agree and therefore strengthen our prayers.

Leader: Ray Goddess (Elder/Executive Member: Maggie Gage)
Location: Heidelberg Methodist Church Vestry

Prayer (prayer chain)

When do we meet? 24/7 365 days a year, wherever you are

Objective/Aim/Goal: Prayer

Recommended gifts: Discipline

What we do: Pass prayers on the prayer chain and pray for the prayer requests that are sent through the prayer chain. Send the prayer request via sms to the above number. Pam will forward the sms on so it moves through the chain.
If you would like to join the prayer chain to pray for people please speak to Pam and she can add your name to the list.

Leader: Vera Motley (Elder/Executive Member: Maggie Gage)
Location: Anywhere