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HMC Present Hand-out

What a blessing to be able to purchase presents for the underprivileged children of Heidelberg. We have arranged a special  Christmas Party hand-out where we have given extra big food parcels to some of the folk and also handed out over 50 presents for the kids. What a blessing. Thanks HMC for your generosity in […]


In the last article I wrote and asked for folk to help us help those who have less than we have by bringing tinned food to Indawo (46 Smit Str, Heidelberg) or dropping them off at Heidelberg Methodist Church. I felt that while we are in the middle of winter a person cannot survive without […]

Prayer for CPF and Heidelberg Medical Volunteers – October 2014

Sunday 19 October was a special day for us at HMC when we acknowledged the CPF and the Heidelberg Medical Volunteers. These folk give of their time to protect and care for the Heidelberg community and we felt that it was right to not only acknowledge them but also to pray for them. While all […]

HIV/OVC food hand-out

Once a week on a Wednesday morning at Indawo we hand-out food parcels to the HIV infected/affected and the OVC on our data base. This week however was just before our move to our new premises.  As usual the 80-120 people arrived, but this time they were blessed with the second hand clothing from our shop.  We unpacked the […]

Indawo says farewell to care workers – July 2014

Indawo received some sad and disturbing news at the end of June (but PLEASE read to the end of this article). The Department of Health (DOH) has decided to stop funding ALL NGOs (not just Indawo). This meant that overnight our Indawo staff compliment went from 60 to 8. The DOH also told us that […]

Blanket Giveaway – June 2014

HMC has been called by God to be a catalyst into the greater Heidelberg and in answering this call we have established our outreach INDAWO YOSIZO. Indawo is a NON PROFIT COMPANY and we are also registered as a PBO so that companies/people who donate to Indawo can get an 18A Tax Certificate that can […]

Mielie Meal Handout – June 2014

God has called HMC to be a CATALYST INTO THE GREATER HEIDELBERG and we at HMC take this calling very seriously. Where we can we help the community. The help often comes from gifts (as did this hand-out) but we also use our tithe (as a church we tithe each month into the community – […]

2013 Swaziland Missions Trip

HMC heard the call of Conference to help with the upkeep of the 32 Methodist schools in Swaziland. At the end of 2013 HMC went on its first Mission Trip into Swaziland. The idea was to go and help one of the 32 Methodist owned schools. We chose the Madulini Primary School and spent a […]

Christmas Outreach 2013

Christmas is a time that we celebrate the birth of Jesus but it is also a time when many of us enjoy receiving gifts and also over eating. Yet there are some folk who never receive gifts and definitely do not over eat. HMC together with our outreach Indawo Yosizo decided to make a difference […]

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