Fellowship and Social

Cell Groups

When and where do we meet? As below


10h00 - HMC Wesley Hall - leader Pam Abrahamse cell 082 413 3432

11h00 - HMC Office - leader Ray Goddess cell 082 656 3123



18h30 - Youth Cell, 46A Viljoen Str, 1D Shantie Estate - leader Israel Dibate cell 073 890 0783

19h00 - 41 Bendor Ave, 2 Palm de Amo, Overkruin - leader Willie Meyer cell

071 363 6353

19h15 - Location changes weekly - leader Annatijie Schutte cell 082 680 6375



10h00 - 128 Walker Str, Rensburg - leader Glenys van Zyl tel: 016 341 3172

19h00 - 96 Marais Str - leaders Ian and Yolandi Page cell 082 562 7079

19h00 - 29 Gemsbok Str, Jordaan Park - leader Phillip Jessop cell 082 453


19h00 - 129 Begeman Str, Jordaan Park - leaders Bobby and Hettie Koller cell

082 333 1865

19h00 - 7 Malva Park, 8 Malva Drive, Bergsig - leader Bernard Kelfkens cell

082 859 3011

19h30 - Young Adults - 46A Viljoen Str, 1D Shantie Estate - leader Israel Dibate cell 073 890 0783

What time commitment is needed? Regular attendance at the group you join.

Objective/Aim/Goal: To provide fellowship and friendship groups, in order to help them to grow in their faith and their walk with God.

Recommended gifts: A heart for people, love and understanding.

What we do: We slot you into a Cell group to suit your needs. The Cell groups provide members and adherents with fellowship, friendship, caring and Bible teachings.

Leader: Ray Goddess (Elder/Executive Member: Willie Meyer)
Location: As Listed

Craft Ministry

When and where do we meet? Varies

What time commitment is needed? Varies

Objective/Aim/Goal: To have fun and fellowship whilst learning new crafts.

Recommended gifts: There are no recommended gifts. If you do perhaps have a craft that you would like to share you are more than welcome to give a class.

What we do: We get together, enjoy fellowship, share stories, have a laugh and just have as much fun as we can whilst doing something constructive.

Leader: Marnette Eva (Elder/Executive Member: Kirsten McIntyre)
Location: Varies

Events team

When do we meet? 6 – 8 weeks before any occasion and once a week until the events occur.

Where do we meet? Usually the first meeting will be at Wesley Hall. Thereafter the meeting will be held at a convenient place for everyone.

What time commitment is needed? Because it is not an ongoing ministry, there will be times when no time commitment is required. During the planning of events, meetings will be held once a week for approximately 2-3 hours, but each meeting will be arranged at a convenient time for all.

Objective/Aim/Goal: To plan and arrange the décor in the church for special occasions e.g. Easter, Pentecost, Palm Sunday, Christmas, etc.

Recommended gifts: Creativity, crafts, flower arranging, etc.

What we do: We plan the décor, flower arrangements and gifts, etc. for special events in the Christian calendar. About two months before an event, e.g. Christmas. The minister will request anyone interested in helping with the decorations to have a meeting and will give guidelines of what he wants for the occasion. From there further meetings will be arranged, ideas will be pooled, until a plan is formulated and a framework has been put together as to what is needed for the décor etc. Each person will get tasks to do in accordance with their talents. At the next meeting everyone will report back and further arrangements will be made. Just before the occasion, the church will be decorated and after the service everything will be tidied up and put away.

Leader: Cherry Ross (Elder/Executive Member: Suren Reddy)
Location: Heidelberg Methodist Church Wesley Hall

Men’s Fellowship

When and where do we meet? One Saturday a month at various venues.

What time commitment is needed? Varies.

Objective/Aim/Goal: Evangelize and disciple men into and through HMC. To improve men in furthering the work of Kingdom building. To provide times of fellowship and interaction to encourage them to be men of Godly character, Good Shepherd’s, members of HMC and examples to others.

Recommended gifts: Evangelism

What we do: Hold men’s breakfasts and outings five Saturday per year at 6:30am. We do a men’s celebration service the third Sunday in October. We also partake in men’s retreats, Cyara, Angus Buchan and Men’s Ministry.

Leader: Ray Goddess (Elder/Executive Member: Bernard Kelfkens)
Location: Varies

New Members

When do we meet? Up to now there is no need to meet

What time commitment is needed? Approximately 5 hours for each new members breakfast and an hour a month to follow up on new members.

Objective/Aim/Goal: To give new members a memorable introduction into the church, and to give them information on the workings of the church and the ministries that are available in the church.

Recommended gifts: Administration, creativity, enjoy meeting new people and entertaining.

What we do: We arrange the food for the breakfast, ensure that the hall is correctly set up and that it looks inviting. To arrange that the leaders of a few ministries attend the breakfast to talk about their ministries, to welcome new members into the church and to maintain a relationship with them. The new members’ breakfast is also for long-standing members who would like to recommit to HMC.

Leader: Karen Whittal (Elder/Executive Member: Willie Meyer)
Location: Heidelberg Methodist Church


When and where do we meet? Twice a year at church.

What time commitment is needed? As much time as it takes to plan an event

Objective/Aim/Goal: To have the congregation getting together in a casual atmosphere so we can get to know each other better.

Recommended gifts: Planning, organization and administration.

What we do: Plan functions twice a year either at the church or away. Last year we had a Spring Day spit braai and we went to see Cats at Monte Casino.
Speak to Cherry if you would like to be involved in the planning.

Leader: Cherry Ross (Elder/Executive Member: Trudy Kelfkens)
Location: Heidelberg Methodist Church

Walking Ministry

When and where do we meet? Saturday mornings, usually outside Pick ‘n Pay

What time commitment is needed? Varies

Objective/Aim/Goal: Just to have a walk together every Saturday to witness the glory of God’s creation and to have fellowship with one another.

Recommended gifts: No gifts needed.

What we do: We meet up and go for a walk. All are able to join, young, old, fit and unfit.

Leader: Neil Gage (Elder/Executive Member: Pieter Nienaber)
Location: Pick 'n Pay, Heidelberg

Women’s Fellowship

When and where do we meet? As per dates on the church calendar, usually at Wesley Hall

What time commitment is needed? An afternoon or a morning on a Saturday

Objective/Aim/Goal: To provide teaching that will allow women to grow spiritually, strengthen their faith and develop boldness in witnessing.

Recommended gifts: No gift needed- just a desire to learn and grow as a Christian.

What we do: We provide and teach Christian fundamentals, inspiration and opportunities and challenges to develop one’s personal daily walk with the Lord.

Leader: Ray Goddess (Elder/Executive Member: Trudy Kelfkens)
Location: Heidelberg Methodist Church Wesley Hall

Golden Oldies

John and Irene Barnard have started a new ministry “Golden Oldies”. This ministry aims to meet once a month on a Wednesday morning inviting all the folk falling into the elite group called Golden Oldies for some tea/coffee and a snack. A time of fellowship and a short input will be the “order of the day”.

Leader: John & Irene Barnard (Elder/Executive Member: Maggie Gage)
Location: Heidelberg Methodist Church