Church Ministries

Communion Preparation

When and where do we meet? The first Sunday of every month. Occasionally for other occasions e.g. Easter, Christmas, etc., meet in the church.

What time commitment is needed? As with most ministries, the more people there are to help, the less each person has to do. It does not take a large portion of time to prepare the communion table. It is however important that if you are on duty you arrive early to prepare the elements and arrange for everything to be cleared away.

Objective/Aim/Goal: To set the Communion table

Recommended gifts: If one of your gifts is helping, this is a ministry for you

What we do:

  • The bread is cut into blocks, and can be prepared at home the previous evening and stored in an airtight container.
  • You must be at the church by 7:15 on Communion Sunday and can leave when everything is tidy and cleared away. The tablecloth and net must also be taken away to be washed, but can only be collected after the evening service or during the following week as the youth also have Communion on the first Sunday.
  • Put the special tablecloth on the table. Fill the Communion cups and chalice with grape juice.
  • Divide the cut bread between two special plates that are in the cupboard under the banners in the alcove.
  • Bring three round bread rolls, one for each service, and put them on the table with the bread.
  • Cover the bread plates with cling wrap. Cover all the elements with the net provided.
  • After the first service the Communion cups must be washed and refilled, the cling wrap must be put back onto the bread and the table made ready for the second service.
  • After the second service the table can be prepared again for approximately 35 people as the youth also take communion. The rest of the communion glasses can be washed and put away.
  • The remaining bread must be disposed of reverently, so it can be eaten. There are usually some hungry people after church and they will eat it. (It cannot just be thrown away, as it has been blessed).
  • The net covers the elements until the evening service.

Leader: Bernard and Trudy Kelfkens (Elder/Executive Member: Suren Reddy)
Location: Heidelberg Methodist Church

Communion Stewards

When and where do we meet? In the church during each service on the 1st Sunday of each month

What time commitment is needed? The time it takes to give communion

Objective/Aim/Goal: To help Ray hand out the elements

Recommended gifts: Helps

What we do: Currently Ray selects people to help him in the service with communion.

Leader: Ray Goddess (Elder/Executive Member: Maggie Gage)
Location: Heidelberg Methodist Church

Cradle Roll

When and where do we meet? No specific time or place

What time commitment is needed? Varies

Objective/Aim/Goal: To build God’s Kingdom.

Recommended gifts: Care and love for children.

What we do: Give and prepare a gift for those who are being baptized, fill in the baptism register, put the baptism dates and names on the cradle roll. Keep in touch with the families after their child is baptized. Phone on special occasions like birthdays, first day at school, etc.

Leader: (Elder/Executive Member: Trudy Kelfkens)
Location: Heidelberg Methodist Church

Door Stewards

When do we meet? Sunday mornings around 7:30 at the church.

What time commitment is needed? Varies

Objective/Aim/Goal: To make the congregation and specifically visitors feel welcome.

Recommended gifts: A love for people and the ability to speak to anyone.

What we do: On arrival, open the windows in the church, light the candles, welcome the congregation and visitors at the door, hand out notices at the door. Ring the bell. Help with collection during the service as well as counting the money with the elder on duty.

Leader: Glenys Van Zyl (Elder/Executive Member: Hans Van Zyl)
Location: Heidelberg Methodist Church


When and where do we meet? No need to meet

What time commitment is needed? No time commitment

Objective/Aim/Goal: To beautify the House of the Lord

Recommended gifts: Crafts

What we do: Draw up a roster each year with each Sunday’s date in for the year as well as any other special occasions. We then contact the people during the week to remind them of their flower duty. Congregation members you can join the flower ministry by putting their name on the roster at the book case in the entrance to the church.

Leader: Trudy Kelfkens (Elder/Executive Member: Lindie Meyer)
Location: Heidelberg Methodist Church

Gardens (care & maintenance)

When and where do we meet? At the church

What time commitment is needed? A few hours every week

Objective/Aim/Goal: To keep the church grounds clean, neat and tidy.

Recommended gifts: A love for gardening.

What we do: Clean and groom the church yard so that it is always neat and tidy. We plant flowers; shrubs, etc., do the pruning and water the garden.

Leader: Richard & Christa Chapman (Elder/Executive Member: Hans van Zyl)
Location: Heidelberg Methodist Church


When and where do we meet? Tuesdays and Thursdays at 09:00 in the reception

What time commitment is needed? Approximately half an hour per day

Objective/Aim/Goal: To keep everything clean and tidy so that it is a place that feels like home.

What we do: We keep the kitchen, Wesley Hall, reception area as well as the church and the vestry in order. We are also in control of the hiring out and receiving of hired utensils etc. which must first go through the office.

Leader: Hans Van Zyl (Elder/Executive Member: Suren Reddy)
Location: Heidelberg Methodist Church Reception


When and where do we meet? Ad hoc.

What time commitment is needed? If you are interested in joining this ministry, there is a book with things that need to be done and you can come in and do something as your time allows. We suggest that you decide on a number of hours per week that would suit you and keep to that schedule.

Objective/Aim/Goal: To keep the building and equipment in good repair and working order.

Recommended gifts: Crafts, an ability to repair and make things.

What we do: We fix and repair any damage to buildings or equipment in and around the church. Also to help with installation of equipment, e.g. heaters, fans, digital projectors, etc.

Leader: Hans Van Zyl (Elder/Executive Member: Israel Dibate)
Location: Heidelberg Methodist Church

Teas Ministry

When and where do we meet? Sundays after both services in the garden or in Wesley Hall

What time commitment is needed? Half an hour to an hour

Objective/Aim/Goal: For church goers to meet socially

Recommended gifts: Helps

What we do: A roster is provided with the different cell groups who are on duty for specific Sundays. The CIA has a coffee shop the first Sunday of every month where they sell a variety of coffees as well as cakes etc. The duty involves having to come in before the end of the 8:00 and the 9:30 services to set up the cups, put the urns on, and serving the tea and cleaning up afterwards.

Leader: Trudy Kelfkens (Elder/Executive Member: Bernard Kelfkens)
Location: Heidelberg Methodist Church Garden / Wesley Hall


When and where do we meet? As required in the church

What time commitment is needed? There is no set time commitment, only to be available when the church needs to be opened and to ensure that it is locked up again afterwards.

Objective/Aim/Goal: To unlock and lock the church as and when it is needed; to take the pressure off of the minister. To always be available to open the church. To have someone responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the church property.

Recommended gifts: Dependability.

What we do: We open the church anytime someone needs to get in to decorate for weddings, funerals, etc.

Leader: Israel Dibate (Elder/Executive Member: Suren Reddy)
Location: Heidelberg Methodist Church

Wall of Remembrance

What time commitment is needed? Depending on the season.

Objective/Aim/Goal: To create a respected, beautiful and tranquil garden where anyone can have a time of quiet, enjoy the peacefulness and feel the presence of God and go home spiritually uplifted.

What we do: With God’s grace and blessing we take care of the garden and the wall of remembrance.

Leader: Freda Troskie (Elder/Executive Member: Hans van Zyl)
Location: Heidelberg Methodist Church